Executive Board}

Executive Board

The Executive Board of the MMU consists of 7 members elected by the MMU’s General Assembly amongst its members for an annual term. The Executive Board elections are held in the opening meeting of the period by secret ballot. Executive Board members can be re-elected. If for any reason a member is discharged, a new one would be elected in his/her place. The President of the MMU is also the president of the Executive Board. In the absence of the President, a member of the Executive Board appointed by the President shall be preside over the meeting. The MMU’s Executive Board shall meet no less than once a month. In case of expiration of the MMU’s General Assembly membership, the MMU Executive Board membership ends as well. The Executive Board is the executive and advisory body of the MMU. It oversees the implementation of the annual work program and budget, and makes decisions to be implementated in accordance with the MMU’s Statute and the decisions of the MMU’s General Assembly (Articles 18, 19 and 20 of the MMU’s Statute).

Board Members
Mustafa Bozbey (PRESIDENT)  Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality
Candan Yüceer Mayor of Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality
Melek Mızrak Subaşı Mayor of Bilecik Municipality
M. Ergün Turan Mayor of Fatih Municipality
Gökhan Yüksel Mayor of Kartal Municipality
Zinnur Büyükgöz Mayor of Gebze Municipality
Oktay Yılmaz Mayor of Yıldırım Municipality
Murat Gerenli Mayor of Lüleburgaz Municipality