Urban Policy Center

Urban Policy Center (UPC) works to develop urban and regional policies for cities with a high quality of life and a fair urbanization.

Established in the last quarter of 2014,  UPC conducts researches, prepares publications and organizes events that can be benefited by managers and practitioners to ensure the effective implementation of urban policies. In this sense, UPC brings together the relevant stakeholders, ensures cooperation, knowledge and experience sharing, encourages and shares examples of good practice.

UPC also provides the grounds for sustainable and strategic solutions by ensuring that the multidimensional problems of the region and cities are handled from alternative perspectives. It supports stakeholders that are influential in urban policy making. It examines the historical development of cities to understand the political, economic, cultural, environmental and social issues arising from urbanization, observes the present, and opens discussions on the future.

What Does Urban Policy Center Do?


It guides local governments and other stakeholders in cities on what methods should be followed to develop city policies. It follows and shares international and national studies, scientific activities and projects in the fields of local government and urbanism.

Research Reports and Policy Texts

It conducts research, publishes reports, and prepares policy texts on issues on the agenda of cities and local governments.

Urban Data Analysis / Synthesis and Index Studies

Urbanization infrastructure collects relevant data specific to local governments and cities, creates indicator sets, works on visualization, comparison/benchmarking and index.

Support For Scientific Research

It supports master’s and doctoral theses and research projects in the fields of urbanism and local administration. It conducts research, prepares and publishes reports in collaboration with scientists, experts and practitioners in this field.


It conducts national and international forums, symposiums, congresses, conferences, panels, seminars, and workshops in areas such as governance, culture, society, urban networks, development, climate change, resilience, planning and design, infrastructure and services in terms of cities and urbanization.

Urban & Society Magazine

Urban & Society magazine is a periodical magazine that covers articles and interviews of scientists and practitioners, and that is created with an interdisciplinary approach on cities, and urban and social issues. Published since 2014, the magazine focuses on issues such as cultural heritage, migration, climate change, contemporary art, disaster management, inclusion, and the barrier-free city.

Urban Talks

Urban Talks is a series of face-to-face and online talks where experts from different disciplines share their knowledge and experience on the city and urbanization. The series includes talks on topics such as epidemics that transform cities, city and memory, culture and entertainment, cinema, and child-friendly cities.