Human Resources and Training Platform

The Human Resources and Education Platform is designed to allow managers and employees in the Human Resources and Education units of the Municipalities that are members of the Marmara Municipalities Union share their knowledge and experience and find common solutions to the problems in practice.

Local governments are foremost organizations that the citizens apply to find solutions to their needs. In today’s world where economic and technological developments happen very rapidly, it is necessary to have a flexible management model in order to meet the demands and requests of people in different areas. One of the most important steps in the transition to a flexible management model is applying efficient and productive human resources management and therefore sustainable in-service training models in the local governments.  With this understanding in mind, the main objectives of the Human Resources and Training Platform are that Human Resources and Training officials come together at regular intervals and share their experiences and knowledge, identify the situations arising from the implementation and the legislation, and seek solutions for those situations.