Migration Platform

The Migration Platform consists of representatives of the units of the Union member municipalities that work  on migrants and refugees. Members of the Migration Platform meet at regular intervals, and work to turn migration into a common benefit for both the migrant and the host communities in line with universal human rights. The platform ensures coordination among members and lays the groundwork for knowledge and experience sharing. 

Within the Migration Platform, the demands and needs of the members on migration management are ascertained and solutions are developed. Various activities are carried out to reinforce the institutional capacities of the members on issues overlapping with the service area of municipalities such as migration, asylum, integration, adaptation to city, and access to rights and services.  Contribution is made to the development of local policies in line with national and international legislation in accordance with local, national and global developments. Furthermore, works are carried out to shape national and international norms and agenda according to the demands and needs of the municipalities.