Local Diplomacy Platform

The Local Diplomacy Platform consists of representatives of the units responsible for the external relations of Marmara Municipalities Union members.  The platform conducts activities to contribute to raising local diplomacy awareness among members, to ensure coordination, to prepare the ground for sharing experience and knowledge, and to spread good practices. 

Within the framework of the Local Diplomacy Platform, it is encouraged to use local diplomacy as an effective tool in developing a culture of cooperation, solidarity and dialogue with international stakeholders, building an international peace and reconciliation environment, and solving global problems with local implications such as climate change and migration. Works are carried out in this context in order to ensure that local diplomacy activities of municipalities comply with national policies, legislation and international legislation to which those are affiliated, to link them to the global agenda and especially the Sustainable Development Goals, and to shape the national and international norms and agenda according to the demands and needs of municipalities. 

The Platform organizes activities to support the work of members and reinforce their capacities in areas such as diplomacy and rules of protocol, access to international projects, competitions and funding appeal, participation in international meetings, sister city relations, relations with international city networks and organizations, public diplomacy, and project management.