Urban Planning Platform

Urban Planning Platform is composed of unit managers and experts from MMU member municipalities who are active in areas such as smart cities, infrastructure, geographic information system, earthquakes, real estate property, technical works, cartography, zoning, development, expropriation, urban transformation, urban design, conservation of cultural and natural heritage, parks and recreation, transportation, urban planning, rural planning, building audit and so on.

Urban Planning Platform was established to contribute to the creation of cities with high quality of life, to the sustainability of natural and cultural resources, and to fair, inclusive and participatory urbanization models. In order for member municipalities to question the issues in the field of urban planning and to seek solutions together; workshops, trainings and studies that will lay the foundation for joint projects are carried out and different works that provides information and experience exchange are published.

The Platform operates in different subgroups according to their fields of expertise and working scales.

Contact info: [email protected]