Migration Policy Center

Migration Policy Center (MPC) was founded in 2015 with the purpose of providing an interworking platform for the relevant stakeholders on the topics such as migration, asylum, social cohesion, and urban belonging.
  1. Carries out scientific studies and research,
  2. Engages in activities where local governments can benefit from good practices and experiences at the global level,
  3. Improves coordination between local governments, national institutions, international organizations, NGOs and universities,
  4. Represents local governments at the international arena,
  5. Carries out activities which aim to determine common policies at the local level and encourages its members to run their activities and services in accordance with these policies,
  6. Conducts work to ensure that local activities on refugees and migrants are in harmony with national policies, and that national norms are shaped according to the demands and needs of local governments.

MPC’s activities are shaped by long-term policy recommendations and guidance of the MMU Migration Committee. Having been the first migration committee established at the local level in Turkey, Migration Committee consists of mayors from different cities and political parties which are represented in MMU General Assembly.

MMU has also established Migration Platform in order to facilitate and institutionalize communication among its members. Migration Platform consists solely of representatives of the departments of MMU’s member municipalities working for refugees and migrants.

Migration Platform;

  • Facilitates coordination among its members and lays the groundwork for sharing information and experience,
  • Identifies demands and needs of its members and develops solution recommendations,
  • Carries out activities aiming to support capacity development of its members.
MPC - Strategic Action Plan and Roadmap 2022 - 2024 View