Local Governments Finance Summit

Local Governments Finance Summit; It is an activity that aims to use financial resources more efficiently for municipalities and to reach different resources through alternative ways.

Transforming Turkey’s urbanization outcome into a sustainable structure depends on the increase of financial resources. So, what steps can be taken to find this financing needed?  How can municipalities access low-interest and long-term international loans while increasing their current revenues?  What are the main expectations of the finance sector in this regard? What are the expectations of the municipalities from the finance sector?

Where are we in the financing of urban transformation and what are the best practices in this regard?  How can the public and private sector act together to finance cities?  How can regulatory barriers to financing be overcome?  What are alternative financial sources? Can capital markets be a tool of resource for municipalities?

Local Governments Finance Summit is an event that targets the more efficient use of financial resources for municipalities and accessing different resources through alternative ways.

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