Marmara Sea Symposium

The topics discussed and the papers presented in each of the Marmara Sea Symposiums were compiled and brought together with the readers from Marmara Municipalities Union Culture Publications.

The Marmara Sea is one of the few inland seas of the world; it is an asset that separates Europe and Asia with its geographical location, but it also unites them through their straits. The Marmara Sea is also one of the priority work areas of the Marmara Municipalities Union which was founded with the awareness to improve the deteriorating marine ecosystem conditions.

The Marmara Sea is in a relatively better position due to the environmental sensitivity of the municipal services and administrations that are effectively carried out, but in addition to intensive fishing activities, transportation is also very intense as it joins of the two continents. The Istanbul and Çanakkale Straits, which are the connection of the Marmara Sea with the open seas, are very sensitive points in terms of both pollution and sea transport traffic. So much so that the Istanbul Strait witnesses over 40 thousand heavy tonnage ships annually passing by.

The Marmara Sea Symposium, which has enabled discussions on the pollution of the Marmara Sea, the risks and threats caused by transportation, the discharge conditions of the used waters and the biological activities in the marine ecosystem was first organized in December 2012 under the theme “Our Trouble, Our Asset, Our Sea, Marmara”.  The Symposium, which was held with the active support of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as well as Bursa and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipalities was held in 5 sessions and hosted more than 30 speakers.

The second of the Marmara Sea Symposium was held on 22-23 December 2015 with the main theme of “Fisheries”, with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Istanbul University Faculty of Fisheries, as well as Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. During the 2-day symposium, 55 speakers reviewed different approaches regarding the Marmara Sea, and these reviews were also published under the title of “Marmara Sea Symposium Bulletins”.

The third of the Marmara Sea Symposium was held on November 21, 2017 with the theme of “Regional Cooperation – Danube”. At the one-day symposium on the 22nd of November, roundtable meetings were organized with the attendance of academicians, experts, representatives of central and local administrations. Because of the theme of the symposium, relevant international organizations and competent experts also attended the event. Everything about the Marmara Sea Symposium has been posted at

The topics discussed and the papers presented in each of the Marmara Sea Symposiums were compiled and presented to the readers through MMU Culture Publications.

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